Giorgio Armani is pleased to announce the introduction of MY WAY, a bright white flowers fragrance which unfolds a new chapter of femininity, designed with a commitment to sustainability.
An open invitation to follow your own path
MY WAY is a strong and singular statement, communicating a resolve to follow one’s own path.
More than a name, MY WAY reflects how life’s journeys, whether they are geographical or emotional, create one’s character, shaped by the people and moments encountered along the way. Capturing a spirit of curiosity and connection, it translates in its ethos “I am what I live”.
 MY WAY is incarnated by American actress Adria Arjona who shares a unique affinity with its philosophy, with her personality and life story characterized by an openness to new experiences and connections with others. Beyond her role for MY WAY, she is also joining the brand as face for make-up. Next, Adria Arjona will star in Morbius, the much-anticipated Marvel film set for release in 2021.

“Adria Arjona is a traveler, a young woman of today; intelligent, curious, free of prejudice, independent, and capable of treasuring every life experience. She is a citizen of the world, who thanks to her authentic experiences and encounters can truly say: I am what I live.” – Giorgio Armani.
An eco-designed perfume, from packaging design
to product launch 

The introduction of MY WAY marks a turning point in Giorgio Armani’s continuous plan dedicated to reducing its environmental impact and combatting climate change: “I believe that environmental issues should be close to everyone’s heart, now more than ever. There is no way we can ignore the fact that the future of the younger generations depends on our choices.” Giorgio Armani
From the use of recycled and recyclable materials and sustainably sourced ingredients to its innovative bottle refill system allowing significant reduction of materials waste, MY WAY encapsulates the brand’s eco-conception efforts.

Thanks to the combination of those efforts and the preservation forest, MY WAY achieves carbon neutrality. As a result of a new, 5-year action plan, Armani beauty also commits to further reducing its carbon footprint by an additional 25% and to achieve carbon neutrality for all its products by 2025.
Encouraging sustainable sourcing
 Armani Beauty has designed MY WAY with a clear focus on using responsibly-sourced natural ingredients, guaranteeing their sustainability through a series of programs that support underprivileged and economically fragile communities.Produced in Madagascar, the vanilla used in the formulation of the new perfume is provided exclusively for Armani Beauty, thereby offering a guarantee of continuous quality control.At the same time, a program being run in collaboration with local NGO Fanamby to promote social cohesion is giving priority to suppliers that hire employees from socially vulnerable communities. As a result, people who often find themselves excluded from the world of work can be given a job with a stable income. Farmers are also encouraged to diversify their revenue sources by growing other crops in parallel, such as coffee or rice, to enhance their ways of earning a livelihood. By encouraging such diversity, the program is also helping to promote entrepreneurship at the local level.Meanwhile, the biodiversity of the region is being protected by a separate reforestation project that aims to restore 650 hectares of mangrove forest by the end of 2020, a project should benefit at least 30% of the smaller, local farmers. In addition, the fragrance is formulated from plant-based alcohol produced from French beetroot that is grown in environmentally-friendly conditions.
MY WAY will be available nationally from April 10th, at select Edgars, Woolworths, Foschini & Truworths stores.
30ml | R1240-00
50ml | R1700-00
90ml | R2320-00
 150ml | R3080-00