Volpes and Biggie Best are two proudly South African brands that continue to make their mark in the home décor space, with a nod to heritage in everything they do. The good news is that local linen specialist, Volpes now proudly showcases the much-loved Biggie Best products in all their stores. These iconic local brands complement each other perfectly and are now a one-stop home décor destination for linen, bedding, curtains, furniture, accessories, and fabric too.

Get inspired this summer and breathe life into your bedroom spaces with Volpes’ linen collections that include stylish florals, bold stripes, crisp whites, and cool colours, available in versatile polycotton, 100% cotton percale, and indulgent Egyptian cotton. All in a variety of colours, types, and sizes (that include super king, extra length, and extra depth). There’s also a great selection of duvet inners and pillows, as well as picturesque quilts in timeless designs. Volpes easily boasts the largest range of ready-made curtains with drops available in a variety of fabrics, including voiles and blackout, taped or with eyelets, and in two versatile lengths.  While you are updating your space, complete your look with pedestals, lamps, mirrors, baskets, and other accessories from Biggie Best, whose unique product offering is renowned for its’ country styled décor.

Every aspect of our lives has been impacted due to Covid-19. How we work, learn, socialise… even how we prioritise our day. Home décor is no different and has also seen a big change, both over the last few months and going forward. Volpes and Biggie Best Head Buyer, Elbe Truter, takes us through some of the Post-Covid home décor trends, what we can expect to see in the upcoming Summer season, plus top tips on how to incorporate these trends.

1.     What impact has Covid-19 had on home décor trends?

“Home has become so much more than simply a place to rest your head. Homes have become classrooms, gyms, offices, and more. Decluttering is huge and families have had to adapt to functional living. More thought is now given to people’s spaces and their immediate environment. Besides a need for larger home offices, there is also a yearning for private spaces and retreats – reading nooks, quiet corners, and pretty spaces,” says Elbe.

·      Have baskets for storage in varying shapes and sizes to keep a room multi-functional and organised. Buy a basket for each member of the family or for ‘like’ items such as ‘work’, ‘school’, ‘exercise’, ‘hobbies’, and more. A trunk style basket allows you to close the lid on potential clutter.

·      A big dining room table is a must. Even if you have a home office, with multiple people trying to work at home, this allows you to work in peace, perhaps on one side of the table and still keep the other side of the table for eating and hobbies.

·      Use every little nook and cranny in your house to create different ‘zones’ – for reading, relaxing, or simply retreating. A comfortable chair is a non-negotiable, plus adding a lamp will help to define the space, plus instantly make it a day-to-night option too.

2.     People have learned to slow down, and the trend of mindfulness and wellness is huge. How can we incorporate this into our homes and décor palettes?

“Create quiet places and peaceful sanctuaries throughout your home. A beautiful spa-at-home bathroom is the ultimate space to unwind after a long day of multitasking and wearing different hats. Colour is key and can very therapeutic; lifting your mood when you are feeling low. White signifies cleanliness, peacefulness, and purity, so is the first choice to create a calm space,” explains Elbe.

·      Choosing beautiful crisp white linen is an easy place to start, as it gives you a blank canvas to work from in terms of décor for the rest of the room.

·      Every spa-at-home bathroom needs luxurious towels. These should tick the boxes for a soft, luxurious feel, plus be highly absorbent and have good durability.

·      Place an essential oil reed diffuser in specific rooms to help centre you from the chaos and remind you to celebrate the small things, like a beautiful fragrance. It’s an inexpensive way to add something special (and subtle) to a space and make it feel a bit more inviting too.

3.     Entertaining at home is the new eating out. What is the best way to get it right, social-distancing style?

“People still don’t want to go out and prefer to entertain at home. Summertime is all about outdoor living braais and get-togethers with friends and family. You need to make your home an inviting and beautiful space when guests come over plus be conscious of people who want to see others, but might still want to social-distance at an event or get-together” says Elbe.

·      Invest in a beautiful coffee table. This way, you can keep eating casual, with help-yourself platters of easy nibbles, snacks, and tasty tidbits for people to tuck into so that guests can move around freely. If you braai afterward, it also takes away the stress of a complicated three-course menu – and the added complication of being crammed around a table.  

·      Move side tables from inside to outside to create more casual eating spaces. From there, place beautiful cutlery casually for people to help themselves before they choose a place to sit.

·      Place throws and blankets in a basket and a candle on every side table for entertaining that carries on long into the evening.

 4.     Bringing the beauty of nature indoors is still a big trend. How do we do this?

“All things related to gardening will see a huge comeback, together with new ways to incorporate greeneries inside homes. In addition, vertical gardens and indoor gardening will have a boom. Incorporating florals into your home décor is also an easy way to celebrate nature,” believes Elbe. 

·      Beautiful faux botanicals such as faux orchids, hydrangeas, and proteas ― are the perfect solution for busy households, as they require little upkeep, maintenance, and are waterwise.

·      Choose a potted topiary or olive tree that will add an accent to a desk or console table or alternatively, hang a wreath on a wall or interior door for a new dimension.

·      An easy way to incorporate florals into your décor is to update your linen with stunning floral duvet cover sets, scatters, and quilts.

5.     Bedrooms have become both spaces to recover and sanctuaries. Any tips on how to give your bedroom an instant update for the new season?

“Instant updates are not just about sprucing up a space. Sometimes, they are about investing in functional items that will make a difference in your day-to-day life. Whether you are gearing up for a big week ahead or recovering after a long day, it is your bedroom where these subtle changes (and conscious choices) will make all the difference,” says Elbe.

·      Blockout curtains eliminate most light, help to reduce noise, and keep rooms cool in winter – a must for people who want to prioritise their sleep. If you simply want to add some detail to a room, sheer curtains and voile are the way forward.  

·      Egyptian cotton is smooth and soft to the touch ― a welcoming reward after a long day. This linen is strong and luxuriously soft… everything you want for an item you use every day.

·      A Tencel duvet inner is an investment for your health. It’s breathable, naturally insulates to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, plus anti-allergenic – a lifesaver for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.