The Revelation d’une Panthère watch captures the imagination of the wearer and brings a sense of mystique to the wrist. It is available in three exquisite versions; a green dial and a matching green alligator leather strap and emerald set crown, a red dial and matching leather strap with a ruby set crown and a black dial and strap with a diamond-set crown. The green and red models of the Revelation d’une Panthère are limited to 100-pieces each.
Like every Cartier timepiece, the Revelation d’une Panthère makes a chic statement, attesting to the class and sophistication of its wearer.
The Revelation d’une Panthère watch has a 37mm 18K pink gold case set with 42 brilliant-cut diamonds reminiscent of the timeless design associated with the Cartier Ronde and Rotonde collections. The bezel is set with a further 45 brilliant-cut diamonds, for a total of 87 diamonds weighing approximately 2.07 carats on the watch.
Cartier has long been recognized as a maison par excellence in the world of haute horlogerie, and the Revelation d’une Panthère timepiece serves as an exquisite reminder of the brand’s unmatched skill and artistry.
Painstaking precision, attention to detail, boundless innovation and breathtaking beauty are all hallmarks of a Cartier timepiece. With the Revelation d’une Panthère, the historical watchmaking legend has also demonstrated a whimsical and playful side, almost never, if at all, seen before.
At first glance, the Revelation d’une Panthère appears to be a classically beautiful timepiece with a blank dial surrounded by a diamond-set bezel. A closer look, and a flick of the wrist reveals the magic of this horological innovation.
As the watch face is turned upright, 900 tiny gold balls appear almost out of nowhere and begin to traverse the lacquered dial from top to bottom, creating, for a fleeting moment, the image of a panther’s head in the center of the dial.
This awe-inspiring visual effect provides a modern re-interpretation of a traditional hourglass and has been achieved after 5 years of research and development by Cartier watchmakers. The watch is powered by the brand’s in-house caliber 430 manual movement.
The gold balls are suspended in a viscous liquid, and the face of the panther is formed by invisible sapphire dividers which guide the beads into formation. The liquid and the beads are encased in a special type of glass that is patented by Cartier, along with the liquid itself, which needs to maintain a very specific viscosity and resistance to temperature.