Vencasa, The World Leaders in Sleep, and the only home of Tempur and Magniflex, prides itself on being the trusted source of information and suppliers of brands that are trailblazers and at the forefront of the sleep industry.

We all cherish a powerful, deep, good and rejuvenating sleep – yet so many of us are sleep deprived for a variety of reasons. Did you know that driving sleep deprived is equivalent to driving drunk – in terms of mental alertness?

Vencasa provides a customised sleep solution to help you ‘power your sleep’ and benefit the most from your sleep time. Their range of Motorised Adjustable Sleep Systems promises to make sleeping a healthy and restorative experience! They are designed to accommodate different positions as they recline and incline in two parts, the upper body and lower body.

Benefits of Adjustable Bed Bases

  • Your body sleeps in an ergonomically correct position.
  • Distributes pressure evenly over the entire sleep surface which reduces strain on the heart, circulatory system, neck and shoulder tension, back pain, muscle and joint pain, asthma, acid reflux and snoring.
  • Therefore, a motorised adjustable base system helps improve circulation, relieves back pain, reduces snoring and can even help obstructive sleep apnoea and improve digestion.
  • Elevating your legs while you sleep means your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to circulate blood to your legs and can reduce and relieve swelling and pain to the lower extremities.
  • In pregnancy, backache, snoring and swollen legs and feet are all common complaints. Adjustable bed bases can alleviate these symptoms as well as simply providing a more comfortable resting position for women whilst their bodies are not quite “their own”.


Vencasa, The Sleep Experts, offer a wide range of motorised adjustable beds to choose from, from just R 8 999. As they know that your body, mind and soul deserve quality sleep, and provide a range of exceptional sleep solutions to ensure it.